* My name is Margot Ensink. I have loved miniatures eversince my first Lundby dollhouse.
La Belle Brigante is a creation of my fantasy, inspired by 18th century romance.

* The porcelain doll-kits I use are poured and painted by Theresa Glisson, Sylvia Mobley, Gina Bellous, Michelle Mahler.
The materials used to dress the dolls are of the best quality, for instance: silk brocade, cotton batiste, gloveleather, antique lace, velvet, real fur.

* The dolls and the accessories I make are in scale 1:12. They are not suitable as a toy for little children.

* If you have a question about anything on this website or about the price and availability of the dolls :you are very welcome to contact me by e-mail.

* This website has been built by Marlene Sjerps.